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Wholesale Fabrics ( Wholesale Fabric ) info specializes in gorgeous retail Draperies and designer fabrics at wholesale fabric prices. Our online fabric store slogan and philosophy is "We only look expensive". We have supply relationships with all the wholesale fabric mills in the United States and Western Europe. For our fabric stores we order our wholesale fabric in large bolt size lots from the wholesale fabric mills direct and we bypass all the middlemen and jobber and pass the saving directly to our customers.

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All of our wholesale fabric is only first quality by our strict standards which are above the industry norm for first quality. All of our wholesale fabrics are suitable for upholstery fabric projects and drapery fabric projects as well as bedding pillows and slipcovers. Our in-house design team uses our decorator fabrics or projects of all kinds. Fabric selection is very important.

When selecting a particular style of wholesale fabrics for draperies or upholstery it is the room architecture and in particular the style and proportion of the windows and their surrounds that provide the restraining element in a choice that would otherwise be almost limitless. This is after all the existing framework and is unalterable unless you are amenable to major restructuring. Provided that the structure you have is sound and generally comfortable to love with wholesale fabric is best used as the starting point for draperies.

As a general rule where to stop drapery fabrics in terms of length is a decision that leaves many people wondering or puzzled. Again as a general rule that will help in such situations is the wholesale fabric should be floor length unless the window is very small. The shape of a drapery made from wholesale fabrics will be determined by the treatment. One option is narrow decorator fabric with closely arrange pleats of designer fabric. An invaluable aid that fabric online fabric shop uses to see how a drapery falls is a humble tie-back.

Tie-backs can be simply a means by which the Drapery made of wholesale fabric is taken off the window when drawn back and maximizing light and preventing the weight of the drapery from pulling down on the rod or the pole. However for a tie-back that will truly hug the curtain becoming an integral part of the whole effect rather than a mimic band you should opt for rope ties. Most styles of drapes can be made with any wholesale fabrics.

The choice of the particular discount fabric you may choose from any online fabric shop can be made into any style. The choice of wholesale fabric combined with the fixture style will do more that anything else to determine the overall effect of the fabric. Wholesale fabrics are tremendously versatile. For a dramatic effect or a large single window inexpensive discount fabrics can look wonderful over a drapery pole in numerous small folds that fall in one cascade to the floor The same wholesale fabric used as a pair of sheer curtains behind a heavier richer main drapery fabric can achieve the softness required to dispense light from a window with the main upholstery fabrics a combination of designer fabric with contrasting colors or textures under or within a arrangement can enrich the whole effect. Contrasting colors of decorator fabric may look dramatic or start yet classical

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