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Plan your relaxing yet sophisticated decorator fabric design from our online fabric shop. Our designers search the mills to find discount fabric and Draperies that are truly a one of a kind design. Our great fabrics combined with our personal service takes a load off your mind when you can rest assured that our fabric store has only the very best quality. You never have to worry about getting second quality at our fabric store because we do no ever purchase this type of discount fabrics for our fabric store under any circumstance.

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We simply just do not believe it is worth offering it at our online fabric shop to our customers that is priced only a few dollars per yard less is worth the chance that you will not be happy with your purchase from our online fabric store. We simply do not believe anything other than first quality fabric is worth the small discount we could offer our fabric customers for this quality of fabric. Our standards are and always will be much higher. We always try to buy fabric for our fabric store that has infinite decorating possibilities for our customers. We always strive to combine our love of decorator fabric to create a beautiful custom design look and feel. Our fabric store has always enjoyed a reputation for outstanding design and creation of the perfect decorator fabric look.

A vision we seek to share and bring to life is creating a beautiful home through designer fabric that reflects your individual tastes and passions. The goal of our online fabric shop is the pursuit of beautiful and elegant fabric design expressed through good decorating. Our goal always remains constant and its is to bring you a gorgeous array of wholesale fabric though our fabric store that are carefully designed to stand the test of durability and timeless quality for many years in the future.

Decorator fabrics are all about color. Designer fabrics are also about quality. Discount fabric is decorating in real time. Wholesale fabrics are all about people and their home environments. We see the need to fill our online fabric shop with beautiful decorator fabrics. We keep our Tulsa Oklahoma fabric store stocked fully with fabric 365 day a year. We always like to try a color before we buy it. So why should you have to chose a color without trying it first.

Order a sample cut of discount fabric and try it prior to your purchase. It’s your home and your style so try it out first with a decorator fabric sample. Our online fabric shop has legendary quality with superb styling. It all comes together beautifully with every fabric that we sell. Remember that every great room starts with color so what is yours. We try to make color simple by offering a vast array of drapery fabric colors. We want you to truly find the perfect shade to make that special project perfect. Even though we are a web based company our retail fabric store always has someone available Monday through Saturday to answer any question that you may have. So now you can feel at ease knowing the advice that you need is never more than a phone call away. Now moving on with discount fabric some of our favorite upholstery fabric is toile fabric.

Another one of our choices is silk fabric. Yet another great choice would be chenille fabric. A fifth great choice of fabric is floral fabric. Yet another great wonderful selection is check fabric. And you must not forget about stripe fabric. Drapery fabrics come in many patterns and one of our favorites is the jacquard fabric. A second great pattern selection is tapestry fabric. Another great pattern to use would be the shabby chic fabric. One fabric that is often overlooked is chintz fabric along with the ever popular animal print fabric. And of course the staple in any decorating toolbox would be the solid fabric. Another great fabric would be plaid fabric. Many times it is possible to find any of the above fabrics under our sale fabric selection menu on our online fabric shop.

Also we can’t leave out one of our favorite’s linen fabric. We also have several fabric companies that we like and one is Robert Allen fabric. Another one of our favorites is Kravet fabric. Certainly a third favorite would be Waverly fabric. Next on the list would be Duralee fabric. Another great company we use is P. Kaufmann fabric. Also we consider the patterns by Thibaut fabric to be very special. We are also very high on material by Fabricut fabric as well as the patterns by Laura Ashley fabric. Also we use in our online fabric shop,  Kast fabric as well as the many patterns by Norbar fabric. Several of our interior designers also like Swavelle fabric. We also absolutely love the patterns by bloomcraft fabric. We also absolutely love the fabric manufactured by Schmacher fabric.

Additionally to top off the list we use Brunshwig and Fils Drapery fabric. We are also extremely high on fabric designs by Scalamandre fabric which is very famous for their French country fabric. Last but not least we must also mention the great fabrics which are made from the ever versatile dupioni silk fabric. As you can see there are many fabrics that we think are very good. All of the fabric that we have list here is decorator fabric that we have in our fabric store and we use these fabric everyday in our interior design business. All of our designers endorse all the fabrics that we sell in our business. We would never inventory a fabric unless we use that fabric in our business as well as we would use in for our own home fabric. We want to change the way you look and feel about decorator fabrics through our online fabric shop.

You probably never think about fabric for the outdoors but we also carry a great line of outdoor fabric by Sumbrella fabric. We offer a spectacular array of outdoor fabric which can be highly decorative fabrics that are very stylish and very durable decorator fabrics. They offer rich colors incredible designs that can be traditional or contemporize. Your outdoor fabric can become part of your indoor living space. You would be amazed at the selection of upholstery fabrics that are available for chairs and chaise lounge chairs and rattan furniture and many more pieces of outdoor living furniture. The colors of these fabrics are magnificent and can be found on our online fabric shop.

If you have not shopped for outdoor furniture fabric lately you will be truly amazed. In the last few years the selection has become ever increasing as more and more families create outdoor living areas with patios and decks with swimming pools, These outdoor areas have become very elaborate and the fabric that go along with them have also become very wide. Please feel free to contact us with any question that you might have regarding these types of outdoor fabrics. We would be very much pleased to help you either via our online fabric shop or our retail fabric store.


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