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All of our latest Upholstery Fabrics patterns represent the very best the fabric supply chain has to offer. We pick our fabrics one by one never just picking a pattern then ordering ten different colors of each upholstery fabric pattern. We always pick the perfect color for the perfect pattern. All of our Drapery collection is uniquely distinctive. We try to make every day a special day by creating upholstery fabrics with the latest designs.

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100 % COTTON

Drapery fabric is more than just wholesale fabric it is part of your home. We endeavor to be a complete design resource. We have designer fabrics perfect for the den the living room the bedroom and the office the entertainment room and many more. We have an extensive range of upholstery fabric that can be arranged into endless combinations of beautiful arrangements. Clients nationwide trust our expertise in innovative fabric design and innovative design to create unmatched beauty and be functional at the same time. Our extensive decorator fabric inventory allows us to have a decorator fabrics for virtually any situation. We always strive to have the very best selection and quality along with the best prices for all of our upholstery fabrics.

Since 1999 we have provided designs that make you have a better place to enjoy life. Weather you are building or remodeling or buying new we has the perfect drapery fabrics for your needs. We never run out of inspirational ideas or ways to make our upholstery fabric enhance your home and make it comfortable for everyday living not just a place for show or circumstance. All of the upholstery fabrics that we have in our fabric store is rich and varied in terms of colors, patterns. We always try to present a collection of drapery fabric that our own staff would be proud to display in their own homes or in the homes of the closest friends or relatives. We offer virtually hundreds of styles to complement any type of décor or any type of existing design.

Our goal if you do not want to completely redesign a room is to find a discount fabric that will work for you. We simply have a passion for style whether it’s for sofas chairs Draperies upholstery or other projects we have a style that fits your mood and fits you budget. We have the ability to find the hottest upholstery fabrics that are fresh current comfortable and stylish. Our goal is to help you define the personality of your room and the find the perfect upholstery fabric to fit that special need.

From rich and elegant to relaxed and colorful you can find a range of beautiful well crafted upholstery fabrics that are also a very good discount fabrics and find them everyday in our fabric store in Tulsa Oklahoma. We always try to have to very best selection of decorator fabrics and we also try and keep an equal amount of elegant upholstery fabric. We think that you will find all of our fabrics simply gorgeous and our staff one of the very best at any online fabric store that you may visit. We have always taken pride in our store but our entire store associates are trained interior decorators we hundreds of years of experience.

So don’t hesitate to call us toll free or visit us personally at our retail fabric store. We think that you will find all the upholstery fabric that we carry to be of the very highest quality that you can find any where. Additionally all the designer fabric that is sold in our online fabric shop as well as all the upholstery fabrics that we sell we can makes into draperies or do the upholstery work with our in store dedicated labor department.